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10 subcategories for "Individual and Family Support Services"

Case/Care Management

Programs that develop plans for the evaluation, treatment and/or care of individuals who, because of age, illness, disability or other difficulties, need assistance in... (more)

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Child Care Providers

Programs that provide substitute parental care in a group setting for children during some portion of a 24-hour day. Services may include recreational and developmental... (more)

PH-1250 - View 6 resources »


Programs that provide friendship and shared activities and/or appropriate role models for individuals who suffer from lack of company, loneliness or social isolation; who need... (more)

PH-1400 - View 1 resources »

Emergency Alert

Programs that ensure that elderly individuals, people who have medical problems or potential allergic reactions to specific drugs, and other isolated or vulnerable individuals... (more)

PH-1800 - View 1 resources »

Holiday Programs

Programs that offer special assistance, services or special events during any of the yearly holidays in order to make the celebration of the season more enjoyable. (more)

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In Home Assistance

Programs that provide assistance in performing routine household, yard and personal care activities for older adults, people with disabilities, eligible low income people,... (more)

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Programs that enable individuals who have visual or hearing impairments, who speak, read or write a language other than English and/or who require documents that have been... (more)

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Placements for Children and Youth

Programs that provide alternative living arrangements for children and youth who have been neglected, abused or abandoned, who have had contact with the juvenile justice... (more)

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Protective Services

Programs that provide investigation and intervention services to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals who are vulnerable to abuse, neglect and/or exploitation. (more)

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Street Outreach Programs

Programs that are staffed by outreach workers who spend time with people who live on the street, build relationships with them, identify and address their immediate needs (e.g... (more)

PH-8000 - View 13 resources »